European ISELP Module : Hock and crus : 2018 October 11th to 13th
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European ISELP Module : Hock and crus : 2018 October 11th to 13th

European ISELP Module : Hock & crus

GROSBOIS – 2018 October 11th to 13th

ISELP is outlined on their website at, but briefly, ISELP can be summarized as a series of training sessions focused upon specific anatomical regions of the horse and integrating advance approaches to diagnostics and imaging as they pertain to the evaluation of equine lameness and locomotor conditions. These modules are divided into eight discrete regions of the horse and will include lecture, illustrative case presentations and practice. The series is structured with two modules per year in Europe.

Grosbois Equine Clinic is a lameness, diagnostic, sports medicine specialty and surgical practice located in the Trotter Training Centre of Grosbois. The clinic was founded in 1967 with the training center. Since then, Grosbois Clinic has grown to a staff of seven equine veterinarians with an ECVS and an ECEIM diplomate.

The subject of this European module will be the fetlock, metacarpus and carpus. Pr Jean-Marie Denoix will lecture, in depth, on the regional anatomy, biomechanics, clinical examination, imaging and management of performance problem originating in the interesting areas.

The lecture and demo will take place at the Orangerie of Grosbois Castle. The wetlabs will be organised at the Grosbois Equine Clinic.

This event is open to all veterinarians. You have to register directly on the ISELP website at

If you have any problem you can also contact the clinic at :

Tel : + 33 (0)1 45 69 65 39
Fax : + 33 (0)1 45 69 00 10